SAENGGREEN Vidanjasoo Cream

SAENGGREEN Vidanjasoo Cream




Vidanjasoo Cream

Cream is Mulberry, which contains Mulberry trees spirit and Medicine ingredients like Gold silkworm, White sandalwood, Phellodendron amurense and Barley etc meet chewy shape and form trophic membrane for protecting and plentiful nutrition. It absorbed conscientious into the skin and makes surprisingly soft and smooth skin.

How to Use

After putting enough on wet hands and making bubble, rub the face evenly and washing with water.

Size: 50g / 1.76OZ.


BULLOJINAKE: Picking Sangyeop, Sangji, Sangbaekpi, Sangsimja, Sangmoki of five mulberry elements in honey delivers moisturizing benefits and helps the anti-aging, it makes the skin tighter and filled skin texture and skin-lined
Sangsaenggibodan [ Pine sprout, Scouring rush, Gim leaf, Motherwort, Bamboo shoot, Milk vetch root, Ginseng, Bing blue lilyturf, Balloon-flower, Licorice, Ginger] : Protection of membrance effect, cramp the activities of Elastin breakdown enzyme , cramp the activities of Hyaluronic acid breakdown enzyme, Fibroblast increase, Collagen 33% increase, Elasticity of skin 45% increase, Brightness of skin 20% increase, Moisturizing effect 23% increase
Gold Cocoon : Natural blocks of proteins is made from pure amino acids blocks, has Sericin, Natural moisture element
Phellodendron amurense : Improvement of itching skin and xerosis
Barey : Rich with Minerals and Vitamin B, supply nutrition into the skin and improve skin texture
White sandalwood extract : Removing skin blemish and Effect of UV protection
Pagoda tree flower extract: Skin conditioning and calming effect


Size:   50 g / 1.76 OZ.

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